New shade for giant pumpkin made from $1.50 tarp

Back from Holiday & Vlog Episode 8

I was away from the patch for 9 days having a great time in Rotorua, it is always good to get away, but also stressful.

Check out episode 8 of the vlog at the bottom to see some sights from my trip.  And right at the end you can find out what the weight estimation is for my pumpkin.

So Humid

It’s been crazy humid, with the hottest average temps in Jan for almost all time, and Feb is shaping up the same. The misters worked to keep the plant cool, but without being able to keep an eye on the plant powdery mildew appeared.
Powdery mildew on giant pumpkin leaves

Close up of powdery mildew

I sprayed Bravo to treat that, and I had to build a new shelter as the pumpkin outgrew it’s chair.

Plastic chair being used for shade over giant pumpkin

New shade for giant pumpkin made from $1.50 tarp

I’m happy with things are going in the worlds smallest giant pumpkin patch, and hope to make some big gains in the next two weeks.


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